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i had the great fortune of seeing robin thicke and our girl in concert last night at madison square garden. thought i'd give a little breakdown of show (what i can remember of it, it's still kind of a blur).

+ the whole show was AMAZING, first off
+ but, it was very short. not sure if it truly was shorter than robin's set, but it felt it. regardless, she could've kept our capacity crowd in there for another good hour or so and we would've happily stayed
+ performed one night only, if this isn't love, giving him something he can feel (aretha franklin/en vogue cover), sweet thang (chaka khan cover), you give good love (whitney houston cover),  i love you i do, i am changing, you pulled me through, spotlight, pocketbook, we gon fight, invisible, a new song i think she wrote specifically for the tour, and closed with and i am telling you
+ she looked supremely happy, which was so great to see. she loves crowd interaction and talked to us a lot. she had her security guys let fans through to sing with her right at the stage/give her flowers for about half the songs
+ i was disappointed that she didn't do giving myself, the song that robin thicke wrote for her. it would've been perfect if he came out and played piano while she sang. whomp.
+ the set was very dreamgirls-esque, with a staircase in the center

best moment from robin's set:
+ a guy somehow setup a wedding proposal to his girl. robin called their names, they had a spotlight, he got down on one knee, the crowd went wild. clearly she said yes :) so sweet!

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sorry! i had plans to go with 2 of my girls from the day the tour was announced.