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Jennifer Hudson Says She No Longer Lives In Chicago

Chicago native Jennifer Hudson, currently on tour with Robin Thicke, says that the Windy City is no longer her home. After the tragic murders of her mother, brother, and nephew on Chicago's South Side last year, Hudson has reportedly given up the condo she bought in the city's Magnificent Mile area. Purchased after Hudson appeared in the film adaptation of Dreamgirls, the condo has reportedly gone on the market with Hudson telling reporters, "I don't live in Chicago anymore."

Hudson has refused to discuss her family tragedy with the media, but it is clear she is trying to put it behind her. "I'm fine, I'm happy, I'm glad to be here," she told USA Today, adding, "My family and friends have always called me a woman of faith. For my whole life, that has helped me get through everything."

The Oscar winner notes that after the tour there will be plenty more scripts to look at, as well as considering what the follow-up to the Grammy winning Jennifer Hudson CD will be.

Recently, she explained that she'd like to make a more personal album next time out: " I would like to do something with more depth, just more everything to it, that's more true to me as an artist. Like, with your first album it's more led by the direction of the A&R and of course like Clive Davis, but I hope to put more of Jennifer in it and sing the songs that I grew up singing or the songs and the music that touch me or the music that I feel makes an impact."

Hudson remains on the urban charts with her single "If This Isn't Love."


Who can blame her?
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